Replacement Stylus for Optonica / Otto / Sharp STY117 - Sanyo ST48D - Aiwa AN36

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Stylus compatibility with music systems or turntables is dependent upon the cartridge being the one originally fitted.
If the cartridge on your unit has been changed this stylus may not fit.
Please check the picture against the stylus you have.
Please select the appropriate geographical area when ordering.

The price shown includes delivery.
How to fit your stylus.
Please remember to only ever handle your stylus by the plastic parts.
Stylus replacement for needle / cartridge . . .
Aiwa AN36
Azuki GSM7302
Benytone 9130L, 9190
Brother BR27
Del Monico 4TR1000, DT29, MD1013, MD1013Z
Diatone 3D-48M
Fuji Onkyo MM107
JVC 4TR1000, DT29, MD1013, MD1013Z
Mitsubishi 3D-48M
Nivico 4TR1000, DT29, MD1013, MD1013Z
Onkyo DN107ST
Optonica RACK 10, SG10E, SG1E, SG270, SG2E, STY117
Ortofon DN107ST
Otto 20, G2611 SUPER, G2611KL, G2711 SUPER, G2711KL, G2811 Super, G2811KL, G5001, G6001, G7002, GXT4500Mk2, GXT4580, STY117, STG2D
Rotel RP4004
SanyoG2611 SUPER, G2611KL, G2711 SUPER, G2711KL, G5001, G6001, G7002, GXT4500Mk2, GXT4580, ST107, ST48D, STG2D, G2611 SUPER
Sharp STY117
Teleton MPC7, MST6, TRP390, TRP850
Victor 4TR1000, DT29, MD1013, MD1013Z
. . . or turntable and system
Rotel RP 4004
Sanyo 20, G2611 SUPER, G2811 Super, G2811KL
Sharp RACK 10, SG10E, SG1E, SG270, SG2E
Teleton P3, TRP340, TRP390 / 850

Cross References
CJ722, DSC644, STY644, DSC312, STY312, EU773, B773, EU856, B856, CS-0856, S069A, 200-222, U-448, U-709, E227, N.227