Replacemenl Stylus and for Audio Technica AT3851, Kenwood / Trio KD72F, Marantz CT433, Diatone / Mitsubishi 3D-54M
Styli compatibility with music systems or turntables is dependent upon the cartridge being the one originally fitted.
If the cartridge on your unit has been changed this stylus may not fit.
Please check the picture against the stylus you have.
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Sorry, out of stock
We don't know when this stylus may come back into stock.
Stylus replacement for needle/cartridge....
Aiwa AN70, AN70D, LX110, V700, LX100, LX70, V1000, V1100, V300, V600
Akai RS77
Audio Technica AT3851, ATN3851
Diatone 3D-54M
Kenwood KD72F, N56, N56B
Marantz CT433, TT333, TT433, TT443, TT553
Mitsubishi 3D-54M
Sansui SN303
Toshiba N72D
Trio KD72F, N56, N56 N56B, N56B
Cross References:
  DSC825, STY825, EU891, CU-0700E, E451, N.451,