Stylus for Audio Technica ATN936, Garrard GMN50C, Sony ND135G 
Styli compatibility with music systems or turntables is dependent upon the cartridge being the one originally fitted.
If the cartridge on your unit has been changed this stylus may not fit.
Please check the picture against the stylus you have.
Record Stylus
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Stylus replacement for needle/cartridge....
Audio Technica ATN936, ATN- 936, ATN 936
Garrard GMN50C
Nippon Gakki N4500, N4500 Mk2
Onkyo DN33ST, DN-33ST, DN 33ST
Pudney Stylus 618
Sony ND135G, ND-135G, ND 135G, PS1350(US), PS600, VM27G
Yamaha N4500, N4500 Mk2
or for turntable/system...
Sony PS1350, ND135G
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Cross References:
DSC670, SYT670, DSC671, STY671, EU717, S045A, U-1152, E240, N.240, P48082