Replacement Stylus for Sharp STY136

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Stylus compatibility with music systems or turntables is dependent upon the cartridge being the one originally fitted.
If the cartridge on your unit has been changed this stylus may not fit.
Please check the picture against the stylus you have.
The price shown includes delivery.
How to fit your stylus.
Please remember to only ever handle your stylus by the plastic parts.
Stylus replacement for needle / cartridge . . .
Aiwa AN30, CAS30, PX330
Optonica RP155E, STY136, STY137
Sharp RP155E, STY136, STY137
Teleton N1520
. . . or turntable and system
Aiwa AN30
Cross References
CJ335, EU946, DSC477, STY477, E533, N.533, ON-0704E