Replacement Stylus for Packard Bell 63057 LP, Pye 1225 LP, Tetrad T5HD/T5MS LP, Marconi 4457, Ultra 6339


Double Sided Flip-Over
LP Diamond / LP Sapphire Stylus
Long Arm

Also see T51 Short Arm

Stylus compatibility with music systems or turntables is dependent upon the cartridge being the one originally fitted.
If the cartridge on your unit has been changed this stylus may not fit.
Please check the picture against the stylus you have.
The price shown includes delivery.
How to fit your stylus.
Please remember to only ever handle your stylus by the plastic parts.
Stylus replacement for needle / cartridge . . .
Packard Bell 63057 LP/LP
Pye 1225 LP
Tetrad 51, 51D, 52D, 53D, 54D, 6 LP, 61, 61D, 62, 62D, 63, 64, 78, T51HD LP, T5HD LP/LP, 51D LP/LP, T5MS LP/LP, T5HS  LP/LP
Ultra 6339
. . . or turntable and system
Marconi 4457
Tetrad 51D LP/LP
Cross References
DSC304, STY304, EU315, EU675, E206A, N.206, 562, DSC562. STY562, C562